Welcome to the site of eV machina. Located in the Byron Bay area of NSW, Australia, we provide clients with a full conversion service for their classic vehicles. Using the latest in electric vehicle component technology we create high performance, long range design enhancing reliability and useability.  Explore our site below to find out more information, or simply get in touch with us today.


Full conversion service

Classic electric cars into the future

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Why an electric classic car?

Electric Vehicle (EV) technology has come a long way in recent years and it's a very exciting time to be part of the transition to better transport. In the past converting older vehicles to electric was the only way you could have an EV. Now with a greater choice of new electric vehicles there is a strong market for converting classic cars to a higher standard using vastly improved components and technology to enhance the value of a classic car into the future.

Here at eV machina the focus is on sourcing class leading components that integrate to create increased performance, enhanced safety and reliability. The experience of driving a classic car that has been converted to electric is rich and exhilarating. Much of the character of a classic car is retained and at the same time the driving experience is improved beyond imagination. Performance of the electric motor, braking, sound, smell. All senses engage in a whole new world and it's incredible.

Great design and integration

An eV machina conversion requires extensive design work in electrical and mechanical engineering. The design philosophy is to create an enhanced user experience both aesthetically and in motion. Elements of the original vehicle design are retained or enhanced as much as possible with an aim to bring classic automotive art in sync with the very latest electric vehicle technology.

Complex electrical networks and other functional components are neatly out of sight allowing the beauty of the original design to merge with the technology for a simple and striking effect. Function, reliability, safety and aesthetic design are all at the forefront of each conversion project creating electrifying driving experiences and objects of art you can use every day.

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Finished projects

Conversion of the Southern Cross University Kombi is now complete and ready for testing and certification. The 1976 late bay Kombi is powered by a high efficiency AC motor using the same technology as used in the Tesla model 3.
The Tesla 53 kW battery pack enables a usable range of up to 250 km. The 120 hp electric motor represents a doubling in performance for incredibly smooth powerful acceleration in any conditions.

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