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About eV machina

Who We Are

Andrew Naughton started eV machina with one goal in mind: Creating beautiful and exhilarating electric vehicle conversions for our beloved classic cars. Having completed a  Science degree from Southern Cross University's school of Environmental Science and Engineering I became increasingly focused on battery powered electric conversions as a way of enjoying the experience of owning a classic car with enhanced driving experience. Over the years, I've owned and worked on many classic cars and even ran a 1978 Citroen CX on biodiesel. However the complications and setbacks of the internal combustion engine and associated support systems require constant maintenance, so my first drive in an EV was a 1964 beetle and the difference was amazing, I just had to do this!

Much time was spent studying up on all the combinations of components available, the engineering required and what could be possible to really have a product that stands out.

Having converted my downhill mountain bike with a kit in a couple of hours I really needed a greater challenge. And that arrived with the invitation to convert Southern Cross University's VW Kombi. A marketing tool for the Uni, the Kombi was unreliable and needed a fresh and more sustainable plus user-friendly revision. The resulting transformation to electric is sensational as a more simplified and easy driver experience plus a visual showcase that demonstrates SCU's move towards renewable energy and transport innovation.

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